“The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.”


Abraham Lincoln

Specializing in Maine Made:

  1. BulletRoot cellars

  2. BulletChicken coops & pens

  3. BulletChicken tractors

  4. BulletCold Frames

  5. BulletAnimal Housing

  6. BulletRaised Garden Bed Frames

  7. BulletGarden Sheds

  8. BulletStorage Sheds

  9. BulletCompost Bins

  10. Bullet& More!!

  1. BulletDo-it-yourself kits

  2. BulletCoop insulation packages

  3. BulletWheel kits for portability

  4. BulletAttachable runs with winterization option

  5. BulletCustom coop design/build

  6. BulletModifications of standard coops

Product Benefits:

  1. BulletIncreased self sustainability.

  2. BulletFree ranging chickens eat ticks and other insect pests.

  3. BulletLong term, root cellar storage of vegetables from your garden, CSA, or local farm stand.

  4. BulletRoot cellars reduce food processing costs; such as, electricity, fuel or expensive canning supplies.

  5. BulletReduced use of plastics.

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  1. BulletFlip Top Roof

  2. BulletMesh Floor with Panel Insert

  3. BulletScreened Window Inserts

  4. BulletOutlet/Socket Packages

  5. BulletHi-Rise Modification

  6. BulletVinyl Flooring

Additional Coop Options:   

The Coop Deluxe



Visit our Coop Kit Assembly page to view a computer animated video!

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Price Increase Alert!

Effective immediately, our delivery rate is $2.35/mile (one way)


For better results, we have recently switched from pneumatic to “Never Flat” tires